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Let's help each other save money! 😭💲💪

Published: Wed, 07/17/24

Updated: Wed, 07/17/24

Will you work with me on this? I'm on a quest to figure out more ways for all of us to save money on groceries during this crazy era of price hikes. I…

How DO you do it??? 😂

Published: Tue, 07/16/24

Updated: Tue, 07/16/24

Here are the two questions/statements I hear at least once daily: 1. Are they all yours??2. I don't know how you do it!! Yes, they are all mine. I…

BLT Wraps! 🥓🥬🍅😋

Published: Mon, 07/15/24

Updated: Mon, 07/15/24

I'd forgotten how good these are! We made BLT Wrapsover the weekend and wow. So good. Do yourself a favor and put these on your menu this week. While…

Food and Fun from Last Week!!!

Published: Sun, 07/14/24

Updated: Sun, 07/14/24

Here it is! I've completed our newest weekly post. We had lots of appointments, lots of company, lots of craziness, lots of fun. Here's what we did…

Do you Brunch in the summer?? 🍓☕🥮

Published: Sat, 07/13/24

Updated: Mon, 07/15/24

I hear some people's kids sleep in?? 🤷‍♀️ Most of my kids aren't sleeper-inners yet. But for all of you who get to enjoy some sweet, later summer…

Is it safe to eat beans?? 😲

Published: Fri, 07/12/24

Updated: Mon, 07/15/24

Well, define "safe." Beans are cheap and filling, but how much bloat do we want? 😳 You like how I say that so nicely? You know what I'm talking about,…

Will it Waffle?? 🧇

Published: Thu, 07/11/24

Updated: Mon, 07/15/24

I got silly one summer... Once when I had no oven - I used my waffle iron for everything. During the summer, when we don't want to turn on our ovens,…

Cook while you sleep?? 😴

Published: Wed, 07/10/24

Updated: Wed, 07/10/24

It's great to wake up to a prepared dinner 😂 I discovered this trick a few years ago when our big boys were home, in sports, and we traveled a lot for…

Our favorite tortillas 🌮

Published: Tue, 07/09/24

Updated: Tue, 07/09/24

Aw, homemade tortillas We miss these homemade circles of goodness, but well, goodness. I don't have time to make tortillas right now. Most of us…

Sweet Sips! 🥤

Published: Mon, 07/08/24

Updated: Mon, 07/08/24

How to stay cool? I mean, you're already as cool as they come. The coolest. But if you need to also cool off, make...GatoradeFruit TeaFrappeCoffee Ice…

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